Since 2009, the Monte Bernorio Institute of Ancient Studies of the Cantabric (IMBEAC) has trained young researchers who want to specialize on Late Prehistory, Antiquity, and Medieval Age studies of northern Spain and the north of Europe. The IMBEAC carries out theoretical and practical courses on different aspects of Archaeology related to these areas of study, as well as seminars, conferences and study visits to museums and archaeological sites. It also guides the learning process of young researchers in the different stages of their training: experimented IMBEAC researchers support their work and assess them whenever they need.

The IMBEAC aims to share the knowledge acquired by its researchers in a direct enjoyable way. Especially with those students and trainee researchers who have proven to be motivated, and able to get from them the best results possible. This institution has limited funding, which comes from public funds and private donations. Our goal is not making a profit but giving quality training, a significant experience for the student. We want to share our knowledge with the students, as well as our personal experiences.

IMBEAC researchers never stop learning, by their own means and from each other. We know that our best potential is everyone’s talent and hard work. The IMBEAC tries to get the best results possible, by selecting honest, intelligent, enthusiastic and talented people, with a proven ability to teach the subjects. We design our courses using our experience as archaeologists and researchers. We try to teach in an honest, close way, sharing the same working conditions and experiences, enhancing the spirit of mutual respect between researchers that we believe is essential. Promoting the idea of knowledge as a needed service to society that we believe every scientist must share.